What is Urban Wellnest Fest?
It is a multidimensional Urban Wellness Festival that promotes practices, tools, traditions, science, and technology for the development of our well-being.
Why Urban Wellness?
Because we so the opportunity for multiple locations to work together to serve our urban community. We believe that we will get to know the facilitators, therapists, spaces, and practices at our fingertips daily.
Who is UrbanWellnest dedicated to?
To all adult human beings.(18+)
How is UrbanWellnest Fest developed?
It will take place over 2 days: September 23 and 24, 2023. The festival will present activities in various venues in Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc Delegation. With one ticket, you will have access to more than 36 activities, all subject to limited space.
What does the ticket include?
There are several types of tickets:

a.) General Admision
The general ticket includes the possibility of participating in some of the 36 activities of the weekend that the festival will present. You will able to choose your personal wellness journey from all these activities.

b.) Inmersive Experience
It´s a ticket that allows us to participate in an immersive experience within the festival.

c.) Night Sorties
It is an exclusive ticket to access night happenings at the festival.
Are the tickets refundable?
Are the tickets transferable?
Yes. If you need to transfer your ticket, please contact us through our email: community@urbanwellnest.com
Is it possible to buy food at Urban Wellness?
Yes. You will have many places to enjoy their spectacular dishes,finger food, snacks, and drinks.
What if it rains?
The festival follows its normal programming course. If there are changes in the programming, it will be announced in the WhatsApp group and all our social networks.
Can children participate?
No, We have not consided programming or facilities suitable for children.
What do I need to check in on the day of the event?
Your electronic ticket and access to Sched.com.

We recommend registering for your activities on Sep,1/2023.
What should I bring?
Sportswear / Yoga Mat / Swimsuit / Change of clothes / Sandals / Hydration.
If you choose to do ICE BATH, please bring your own towel.
How can I book the activities?
Using the UrbanWellnest app.
Do you have anything else to ask us?
Send us an email or contact us through our networks!


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